Blackberry Curve 8330 Battery Life



I just got my bb about a week ago and am wondering about the standard battery life for the Curve 8330.  I read great reviews online about the battery life of this phone.  After having it a week with moderate use, it uses about 50% of the battery in one day.  Is this normal?  I was just surprised because I've had phones that can go way longer without being charged, but obviously not using as much battery as the bb does.  Thought maybe some other people could let me know if this is normal or if my battery isn't right.


Thanks for the help!

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Average blackberry users will get a day of life out of the device due to what they are using it for. If you are getting two days out of it, that is very good. The batteries in pdas are pretty hardcore, its just that there are so many data features being used on the device at one time, that it drains heavily on this battery. You can check the accessories on this site, or the blackberry site, for extended batteries for the phone if you need the extra life. im not sure if they sell them