Blackberry Curve 8530 keeps trying to load

I woke up this morning and saw my Blackberry was trying to load what i'm assuming is the OS, over and over and over again without success. There is a black screen with BlackBerry written in the middle, with a progess bar at the bottom. It takes a few minutes for the progress bar to fill, then the screen goes black with a square clock timer, and then the process starts over. This cycle has been going on all morning. I have removed the battery several times hoping to reset something but that hasn't worked. Any ideas what the issue is and how to resolve it?


I turned on encryption for the first time last night which is the only option i have changed in a long time. The phone still worked fine last night after that though, so i am not sure if the two are related, but i thoght i'd mention it anyways. Thanks in advance for any help you guys can give me!



Re: Blackberry Curve 8530 keeps trying to load
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It sounds like the OS software has become corrupt.  You will need to reinstall the latest OS to your device with Blackberry Desktop Manager.  You can download the software you need from Verizon at and do not unplug until it completes the process, which can take up to 30-45 minutes.  Before you do, you might be able to backup your device with Blackberry Desktop Manager.  Let us know what happens.