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I want to ask a question? and see if its possible, I have verizon for almost 4 yrs, right now I'm able to upgrade the phone, but I want to wait until January to buy the new Blackberry with OS 10. but the current phone that I have rigth now is broken, and I don't have insurance, but I don't want to sign a two years contract, but I was thinking if is possible to use a curve 9310 from boost mobile on the verizon Network, I was checking the specs and both are CDMA, can anyone help me with my inquire.


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Hi civic20,

I understand your desire to wait for the release of a future device to use your upgrade! While we do not have any information about future phones, it is very possible that all manufacturers (including RIM) will be launching new devices some time in the near future. As indicated by Spiral (thank you!) only Verizon Wireless branded phone will work in our network. What happened to your phone? Has it sustained water/physical damage? If you have insurance you can process an insurance replacement claim online at at your convenience. If you do not have insurance you can get a Certified Pre-Owned phone at a discount with our CPO replacement program. I want you to have a working phone, I trust that one of the above options will work for you. Happy holidays!

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Probably not going to be possible.  Verizon only allows "Verizon branded" phones to be activated on their network.  Even though the Curve 9310 is CDMA, they will not have the ESN in the database and will not allow it to be activated.