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Blackberry Curve Shutting Down

About 6 weeks ago my BBerry Curve started spontaneously shutting down.  I would get a red light, then it would power cycle and when it was done the battery would be drained.  It would only come back to life if I plugged it in for a while.

I DID try taking the battery out and powercycling.

It is NOT the battery.  We use BBerries for work and I know of at LEAST six people who are experiencing the SAME EXACT issues with their curves.

I read on a BBerry forum that it had something to do with OS6 so I reinstalled OS5.  That helped for about 48 hours and then it started happening again. 

I am really annoyed.  I do not want an upgrade or a different smartphone.  I should not have to pay for a new phone.  It is not my individual phone, there is something wrong with the system, or BBerry itself or the OS. 

I see in your forums that I am not the only one posting about this.  Have there been any solutions found?