Blackberry Curve... charger problem

Has anyone ever had problems with their charger fitting/working for their Blackberry Curve? 


 I attempted to plug mine into to my car charger today and there was resistance when I went to push it in.  So I took it out and one of the small prongs in the charger was tipped.  So I straightened it out and retried and the same thing happened.  So I tried my wall charger and I didn't experience the same resistance plugging it into to the phone, but it won't charge.  Any insight would be helpful! 




PS My phone is a year old so I know everythings worked in the past.

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Re: Blackberry Curve... charger problem
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After about a  year and a half, mine started to get a little loose. I had to make sure it was straight and pushed in tightly. If you hold it in there, does the battery icon on your home screen have the little black charging symbol next to it? If yes, set it down carefully so it stays connected and it should charge.


If you're not seeing the charging symbol, it's not making a connection. You can try charging through the USB cable to your computer (use a main port, rather than a peripheral one). It won't charge as quickly this way, but at least it's an option.


Another option is to check if any debris got inside, which is possible since the charging port is uncovered.


Good luck!

Re: Blackberry Curve... charger problem
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Sorry to hear about your problem.  SydneyK gave some good tips.  Another thing you can try is to use a charging pod.  You may have to buy a new AC charger to go with it, since your sounds like it may be damaged.  I use one on my Bold and my son has a Curve 8330 and it works great for him too.