Blackberry ID - no longer have access to email username - but not sure I need ID??

Hi - I never quite realized the ID on my 8330 was a big deal. My username is an email account I no longer can access.  Switched carriers this summer. So while I do know the answer to my security question I can't reset my password. I have used 9 out of 10 tries!  Is there any way to get this ID?

I have backed up my contacts on back up assistant and I am about to transfer to an i-phone. Am I going to need that ID?  Also my daughter said the iphones don't use backup assistant anyway? Basically she is the MAC, iphone guru and told me to get online with a verizon chat person to set up the new phone.

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Re: Blackberry ID - no longer have access to email username - but not sure I need ID??
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Good morning and happy Saturday pattiep64,

Congrats on deciding to transfer to an iPhone. It is a great device but it does have a huge learning curve from the Blackberry operating system, (OS). I know how fristrating it can be to complete change devices an OSs. Have no fear though as I am here to help you with this transition. I want to start with some good news is that Backup Assistant does work with the iPhone. The app is called Backup Assistant. If your contacts are on My Verizon on a computer then you can easily transfer your contacts without using your Blackberry ID. With that being said, is there any other information that you would like to transfer from your Blackberry to your iPhone? If so then please share so I can map out a method to do so.

Thank you...

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