Blackberry Phone Options

I'm interested in upgrading my phone and usually do alot of research before making my final decision.  I saw a commercial recently for Verizon advertising the Blackberry Torch and as usual, did my research, only to find out that Verizon doesn't actually sell the Blackberry Torch at this time.  AT&T advertises the phone and actually has it available to buy. What gives? Why advertise something that I can't buy. Instead of pushing the DROID on everyone, which alot of Blackberry folks just went a head and bought since they had no other i-phone like options, make the Blackberry Torch available. SOON!!! I've been trying not to switch over to AT&T because I like verizon's service...but sometimes verizon gives you no choice but to switch.  I'm getting really itchy to switch now that I find out this phone is not available to Verizon users yet and the service associates aren't too helpful since they don't know when it will available either.  I'd hate to lose my upgrade and great verizon service that i've had for yrs, but Verizon, you have to offer what you advertise.