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Blackberry Storm 2

I went from my BB Curve to a Storm 2. I wanted to get some questions answered but am not having any luck.. Can anyone help? Please note: I am on the Enterprise Network, if this makes a difference.


  • How can I l get my phone to stop locking every few minuets or when I put it in my holster? Driving me crazy! I can't unlock my phone while driving and every time I pick it up, its locked. It even locks while Im in the midst of a call. I have to stop, enter the ridiculous code, and wait 10 or 15 seconds for it to boot up again. OH! And it doesn't alert me of voice mail, or emails incoming while its locked! AHHHHHH!
  • Every time I call my voicemail, I have to enter my code. Is there a way to program the code into the phone?
  • I am really struggling with the touch screen. It is difficult to get the letter I want and sometimes it picks a letter from across the screen! Is there something I can do to make the typing easier? (please note: I have fingers as big as sausages.)
  • While I'm holding the phone, the screen flips 90*. So I hold it that way and "FLIP" it goes the other way. I turn it and it seems to always choose the way Im NOT holding it! When Im showing pictures to someone and I want it to flip, it won't flip at all! This one makes me INSANE! What is the deal here?
  • Everything seems to take FOREVER to accomplish on this device. The Verizon sales clerk told me this problem was solved, but this doesn't seem to be the case. I stare at the stupid hourglass rotating for a lot of precious time. AHHHHH! I gave up on even trying to see the local weather!

My wife has an iPhone and I have none of this happening to me on that device. So I know its not operator error. Please tell me this new Storm II phone, is not just another; in a long line of Blackberry ,piece of C***Devices. My company is forcing me to use Blackberry format and I need to get it figured out BADLY. HELP ME!!!!!!