Blackberry Torch 9850 with multiple issues

Hi all!

I got my Blackberry Torch in September 2011.  Now 7 months later I am having multiple issues.

1.  Battery life has become unbearable.  I'm a good user.  I drain it at least once a week.  I never charge it on a car charger.  I don't spend hours on the phone and yet the battery life is terrible.

2.  The back up button works intermittently.  I'll be in a text and try to back up to the home text screen and it won't work. 

3.  Some websites take an eternity to load.  Specifically TargetMobile and Bank of America.  Another Verizon user lives in my house and uses the iPhone.  She can sit next to me and bring those websites up in no time at all compared to my Torch.

4.  The data symbol is on constantly (probably resulting in #1).  No applications are running data (i.e. facebook, twitter) except email.  Which I would expect to run and then turn off.  Some times I'll even turn the mobile network off and the symbol is still on.

5.  Phone freezes.  No rhyme or reason.  Just freezes.

6.  The phone switches to landscape to easily.

7.  The store rep deleted the backup program because there were some issues in the beginning and now I have no idea how to get it back on.

8.  The keyboard kind of screws up.  For example:  I type I'm a lot in text but almost every time it comes up at in.

9.  If I don't lock the phone from the top quite frequently the keys at the bottom of the phone stay lit even though the screen is dark.

That's all I've got for now.  Any help is appreciated!


Re: Blackberry Torch 9850 with multiple issues
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I will try to help as best I can - I have several questions for you (please excuse if you are a power user and have already updated your OS and PRL):

Q1: what OS version are you using?  (in phone mode, dial #4357*, then hit dial.  Your OS should be

Q2:  have you updated PRL (preferred roaming list)?  If not, dial *228, then hit dial.  listen to prompts, dial 2 for "update roaming list".  you can compare before and after PRL using the #4357*in Q1.  My PRL is showing as 52686