Blackberry Tour 9630 won't sync with Gmail

I've had to setup email on my wife's Blackberry Tour 9630.  Everything goes smoothly to sync with Gmail, the validation process works fine, it syncs with contacts, puts the mailbox folder on the main menu, etc.

But then it sends a message saying I have to turn on IMAP settings for All mail in Google Gmail.  I already did that.  Several times.

I've turned them off, turned them on again, reset everything,  I'm getting nowhere with this.

If I try to send email, I get "no message services configured" and get referred to setup, but it doesn't go to setup because the email account is already configured on the Blackberry Tour.


Re: Blackberry Tour 9630 won't sync with Gmail

OK, since NOBODY bothered to reply, I'll tell you how I finally solved this problem (verizon tech support was no help) after hours and hours of phone support and checking settings on the blackberry and in Gmail.

On your desktop or handheld internet browser open your gmail account

Go to "Settings"

Go to "Labels"

Scroll down until you see the label "All Mail"

Make sure the far right box "Show in Imap" is checked.

Then it'll download your messages to your Blackberry Tour 9360.

I am a GOD! At least to my wife.  That's what counts.