Blackberry Tour Issues

I have had my Tour since they first were issued - so from reading the posts it appears as if I may have one of the defective trackball models. 


I have another issue and I am wondering if anyone else does.  I can be talking on my phone and all of a sudden the person on the other end says that they can't hear me and they hang up.  It is sort of like a dropped call but I am still there and I can hear them clearly.  It happens in many locations (MI and MD and VA) and with different people so I do not believe that it is related to location or the other person's phone.  I have updated my roaming, installed new software, etc.  Happened before and after both of these.


PS - I really hate the trackball issue and have done everything from adjusting the sensitivity to rebooting the battery and today I did the press and hold method.


I am not sure that the Tour was a good choice.



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