Blackberry curve, Sync Help please

Im new to blackberry, I should know more but I don't, need help.  I have the curve, it got damaged and I was able to get a new one now. When I got the new the only thing  the tech could do he said was to add my email to the phone like I had before since the port was damaged, and then told me to go home and sync my phone with my laptop,  now I thought it be easy and I could do it, but for the life of me I can't figure it out. I see I need somekind of desktop manager. I don't think I have that, where do I get it and how do I now sync up my phone. Also if anyone can help tell me what does the syncing up do? Do I get my contacts back on this phone ? Do I get it set up the way I had with the apps and how I had the browser set up? It may sound dumb IM sorry IM still learning.

One other problem I can't seem to figure out is about the browser. When I used to to say espn or fidelity it had the site pop up and now when it pops up the pages are nothing what they used to look like, looks more like a regular webpage and not the mobile versions that IM used to, don't know how to change that if anyone can help or if I need to be more specific please help me.


Re: Blackberry curve, Sync Help please
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Wow, You have got a ton of work to do for that new device of yours...LOL

Okay, so you need the Desktop Manager...Here you go. This is a link. Follow the instructions and this will put a clean version of DM on your computer.


Let's see. First you will need to plug your phone into your computer an start the Desktop Manager. After the start up routine, you should then see an icon that says sync. Select this icon. You should then see a screen that say Synchronize. In the middle of your screen the only selection that needs to be checked is synchronize organizer data. To the left middle of this screen you should see a grabable link to synchronize. Select this link. This will then bring you to a page that says synchronization configuration. From this screen you will need to select the Synchronization tab on the right above the two other tabs that say Reset Configuration and View Log. Now your Desktop Manager will start another application called intellisync. In this screen you should see 4 selections with boxes to the left of each selection. Let's select  the box for address book. Next you will see a screen for Address book setup. Select the appropriate application then select next. Now you will tell the application how to sync using the screen called Synchronization Options. Select the one at the bottom that says one way sync to Device. This will direct data from your Computer to your Device. You will then see a the message Congratulations, you have successfully configured the product. You will select finish and you should start to see your address book form your computer being imported to your device.

This only brings contacts from your computer to your device. If your looking to get the contacts off of your broken device you may try to move your contacts that are on your broken device to the sim card and then transferring you sim card to your new device and importing the contacts. On your broken device open your contacts, push menu button, select option then scroll to Sim Phone Book.

You should be able to transfer your contacts this way.


Now you new device you will have to personalize all over again. You will have to redownload all your apps and any other ringtones, pics, etc. etc...Sorry...

Once you get your device back to normal you now have DM to make backups of your new device so that if something happens to your new device you can load the backup... What a concept.


Now, on to the Browser. Open your browser. Push the menu button. Select options, then select browser configuration. I would set the browser to Internet Browser then set Browser Identification to Blackberry.


Hope this helps.. Good Luck

Regards, Michael