Can not locate Back Up Assistant on my phone

I just got my freshly refirbished Curve from Verizon and now I'm stuck with No contacts. I've called Verizon and they said it should be on my menu screen and don't know what to do if it's not. I've also tried syncing my contacts online (twice) and it didn't work. Can anyone please help me out? This is annoying

Re: Can not locate Back Up Assistant on my phone
Verizon Employee

Hello tyler109


I would be glad to help you with the backup assistant application on your device. What model Curve do you have?


Let's start with a fresh connection. Please remove the battery and reinsert. The Backup assistant application looks like a padlock with red arrows around it. Were you able to locate the application? Are you able to get on the internet on the device? 


Here's a link that will show you how to download the application from the browser.


If on a BlackBerry Enterprise Server, restrictions may be in place that prevent downloading and installing the application. Contact the BES Administrator for assistance.


Please let me know if this helps, If not I will gladly further troubleshoot with you.


Thank you