Curve 8330 Calendar Synch Issues with Outlook 2003

Since February, I've only been able to synch my 8330 with Outlook 2003 calendar intermittently (maybe 1 out of every 10 attempts).  Most often, I receive "an unexpected error has occurred".  I've loaded and reloaded the latest version of device and DM software.  I've tried deleting the Intellisynch and Loader History files.  I've cleared the device.  I've archived my calendar.  Nothing seems to keep it working more than a few days. 


It synched yesterday much to my surprise, and now today it's not working again.  I never had these problems with my Pearl...

Re: Curve 8330 Calendar Synch Issues with Outlook 2003
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try this it was a problem with mine.

Click on Options>Advanced>default services. There's a line that says "calendar (CICAL)
Mine was set to "Facebook"
I hit the spacebar until I saw the option for my email address, and saved that setting