Deactivated phone won't activate with new number


My wife and I had two phones on a Verizon account but recently one number deactivated on a Blackberry Curve 8330 by porting the number over to another carrier. We called to cancel our current contract on the other phone and were told that line would be active until the end of the billing cycle (April 3) but that all services tied to the Blackberry (data, texting, and the phone itself) were deactivated and the phone itself was erased from the linked online account. We were told that we were free to do what we wanted with the phone since it was no longer active.

The Blackberry phone has been sold, however when the new owner attempted to activate the phone at a Verizon store, he was told the account/phone/phone number were still active and that I would have to ensure the phone was fully deactivated (whatever that means). The account itself (under a different number/line) is active until April 3 but the phone number originally associated with the Blackberry is active on a different network and the phone itself (before sold) certainly was not active. I call a Verizon rep today and was told that (in contradiction to what was originally communicated) that the Blackberry wouldn't be able to be activated on a new number until the current billing cycle was up on April 3 - even though the phone itself was long since deactivated (nearly 3 weeks ago).

Sorry to vent but this just seems ridiculously stupid on Verizon's part. If a phone isn't actually tied to a number on the system, isn't picking up data, and is for all intents and purposes a 'dead' phone, it shouldn't have to wait for the end of a billing cycle to activated it under a new number.