Email setup on Curve 9330

I just received my new Blackberry Curve 9330 and transferred everything from my Curve 8330.  Now I am having troubles getting my email accounts to work.  Each time I go into the setup I get the message that "a new blackberry devie has been detected.  You must move email accounts to resume email delivery."  Well, after doing this at least 20 times, I am still in the same emails.  I looked for solutions on-line and did re-register my device, deleted service books and resent and did a battery-out reboot.  I would appreciate any assistance.  Thanks.

Re: Email setup on Curve 9330
Verizon Employee

Hi jubanza,


I apologize for the delayed response and I am hopeful your issue was resolved in the interim.  It definitely seems as if your have completed the basic troubleshooting steps.  Additionally, please advise if you are able to access the browser from your phone.  If so please navigate to Blackberry and log into your account.  Once you are logged in you should be able to send service books to your device and begin to receive your email notifications.   Please let me know if your require any additional assistance.



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