Error S.O Tour 9630

a friend I upgrade my blackberry 9630 and then tour the update I get the following message:


"This handheld device includes software that is propriety and confidential to RIM and/or its affiliates and suppliers. Except to the extent that RIM is expressly precluded by law from prohibiting you from doing so. you are not permited to reverse engineer and protocol sniffing) This software or the RIM software with which it operates (including firmware, interfaces, protocols and other data) or to autorize or encourange any other party to do so. This software is licensed and not sold. You may only use this software under and in accordance with the terms of RIM software license applicable in your jurisdiction that covers blckberry handheld software. If you cannot locate the applicable software license, the most current version of ROM´s licenses can be found on the website. If you have any questions or are not prepared to agree to these terms, please contact RIM at Use of this software constitutes your acceptance of the applicable terms"


I can not use it, I do to fix this problem please