Facebook App not working on curve 8330

I have a blackberry curve 8330 and my facebook app keeps giving me a message - session has expired log in again ( message code 2102).  Everytime Iogin, if I can get logged in, it comes up.  I have removed the app from the phone and reinstalled it and it still does it.  Is anyone else having the same trouble?  If so, any suggestions on what to do?  Thanks.

Re: Facebook App not working on curve 8330
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Although I am not a facebook user, I have seen numerous post about the facebook app not working. Evidently the apps has major problems. I have recommended to other users that they delete the app and create a bookmark in the browser for their facebook account.

Re: Facebook App not working on curve 8330
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I have provided some information below that may help.


Step 1. – Uninstall the current Facebook Application.


Step 2. – Uninstall the Blackberry App World.


Step 3. – Soft Reset


-Pull the battery on the device for 2 mins


-Place the battery back in (the device will power on by itself)


Step 4. – Install Blackberry App World once again


Step 5. – Redownload the Facebook application.


I hope this helps.