Get Verizon to de-register my BlackBerry storm2 9530 for BIS abroad


Hi Everyone,

I live in kenya and I have a  problem... I have recently purchased storm2  Verizon wireless branded BlackBerry 9530's that is secondhand and had been imported into this country legally. The phone works and is unlocked to my local network however I cannot get a BIS connection on these phones as apparently the pins are registered to the Verizon Wireless network and cannot be registered to my local network without being de-registered from Verizon first.

Could anyone offer me some assistance as to how I would go about getting Verizon to de-register these phone on their network so that I may use the BIS on my own local network? i have a the phones pin 306DDBC and its saying the status for the Enterprise Activation is not registered..

Any assistance or feedback would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!

my phone number is <Personal information removed per the > .PLIZ help i need to b using it soon it the only fone i have


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Hi vynn,

This is a common concern when buying a secondhand blackberry device. We suggest you contact blackberry directly at 877-255-2377 to review options for the BIS to be deactivated from any other network.

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