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Help with new Tour and Hotmail

I'm no newb, but this is starting to make me feel like one.


Upgraded today from an old LG enV to a sparkly new Tour.  I have 2 email addresses - 1 is a Gmail account, the other is a Hotmail account - and when the sales guy did a test, he used my gmail address.  No problems...everything worked.  I have a Sprint BB for work, so I knew where to setup the Hotmail account when I got the Tour home; no problems there.  Right?  WRONG!!


Get home, went to Setup -> Email Settings -> Add (note that I can see my gmail address at the top of this screen) -> Windows Live ->  Added my username and password...clicked "Next" told me it was processing...then told me "Unable to set up [email].  Please try again."


Now....I'll mention the following:

1. My Hotmail email address is

2. My password is a mix of numbers and upper/lowercase letters.

3. The gmail address that worked earlier has periods in between my first/last name, NOT underscore characters.


Is there any chance the underscore character between my first and last name is a problem?

Why would a gmail address work when put in at the store, but a Hotmail address I put in at home NOT work.








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