How do I get an MEP network code for storm 1?

My Thunderbolt broke and I need to activate this phone asap and I don't know what a mep code is or where to find one. Please help.

Re: How do I get an MEP network code for storm 1?
Customer Service Rep

Hello allysonbharris,

I’m sorry to hear that your HTC Thunderbolt is broken! I certainly know how addictive 4G LTE can be! May I ask what is it that’s broken on your Thunderbolt? If it’s a device functionality then I’m sure that we can partner together and get it fixed. If it’s a physical issue then we can review additional options if you are interested. Also, did you get your Blackberry Storm activated yet? If so then that’s great! If not then please allow me the opportunity to assist as a MEP network is not needed to activate the Blackberry Storm.

Thank you…

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