How do I sync my Blackberry Tour calendar to my Google calendar?

I just upgraded my phone from a Blackberry Tour to a Droid Razr M.  (The trackball stopped working so I my alarm clock still sounds and my reminder alerts still work, both in volume and on the screen, but I can't answer the phone or clear the screen.)  I am hoping to sync my Blackberry calendar to my Google calendar with the plans to then sync my Google calendar to my Razr calendar.  I wasn't sure how to do this so I searched for some direction.  I found the answers that I was looking for, but my BB was not in service because of the Razr switch-over.  Of course with Murphy('s Law) being my closest friend, my printer doesn't work so I was unable to print the "how-to" instructions I had gotten from the this website.  When I went to a VZW store in Warwick, the CSR disabled the Razr and re-enabled the BB and sunc the calendar to Google.  He thought he had taken care of it, but when i got home and opened my Google cal, there was nothing there and now I can't find the "how to" coversations I had found last night.  Does anyone have the "how-to" instructions (I will copy and paste them into a word doc and email them to myself so when I go to xmas dinner at my mom's, I can print them so I'll have a hard-copy when I go back to VZW...for the 3rd time) or know how I can find that string of conversations I had found yesterday?  Any help would be wonderful.

Merry Christmas and thank you.

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Cadmanl, I'll be happy to provide options for transferring your calendar from your Blackberry to your RAZR. I checked and Google has suspended the use of Google Calendar. Have you ever synced your Blackberry to your computer? If you haven't already, download Blackberry Desktop Software at You can sync your Blackberry to Outlook or Outlook Express. Then transfer to Google Calendar using Google Calendar Sync Google Sync will be going away as of 1/20/13.

Let me know if you need further assistance.

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