How the? Rim Blackberry 8330 Curve SIM card question

Alright I am looking into buying a Blackberry but my current phone is a Samsung alias 2 without the sim card and supposedly the blackberry has a SIM card. My question to be wondered is how would this work to transfer my plan of unlimited texting and 250 minutes a month too the black berry. This would also mean id have to put the data plan on the new phone. But I can not figure out the SIM card thing seeing my Samsung has no SIM card. I would post the link to what I want to buy but it does not allow me too

Re: How the? Rim Blackberry 8330 Curve SIM card question
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Verizon 8330 model Blackberry's do not have a SIM card.  SIM's are not used for CDMA type phones.  My Bold 9650 has a SIM card for use when traveling outside of the CDMA network area but it is otherwise inactive.

Your plan should just transfer over to the new Blackberry and you are correct, you will have to add a Blackberry data plan ($15 or $30 per month).  Good luck with your new phone.