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I have a couple of questions about my new blackberry curve
Previously I had an Alltel phone that just rang. I have just gotten a blackberry curve and am stumbling through the first few days using it. Right now I am tempted to turn it in and pay $35 restocking charge and be glad it is gone. I wanted the phone so that I could play games on the interned, but it says I don't have a java platform and can't do it. I also would like to know if I am charged for minutes each time my blackberry checks my outlook account for messages. Can anybody help me with this? Also, my phone does not have the set up connection to download my contacts, or at least I can not find it.
Re: I have a couple of questions about my new blackberry curve
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Hello, Sorry your haveing issues.


1. No you are not charge minutes when checks your email its part of the data plan you have.

2. Your phone does not have backup assitant you have to manual enter them the first time or take it to the store have them move it for you.

3. You will become a lover of bb just give it time



Re: I have a couple of questions about my new blackberry curve

I also have a couple of questions regarding my new curve 8830 and I am close to returning it too!  I can't make the phone ring, it just vibrates.  This has to be quite simple, I have used many cell phones but can not for the life of me figure this out.  The other question I have is how can I make a ringtone for one person different than my normal ringtone.  That is when my normal ringtone finally works?  Please help?  Thanks.

Re: I have a couple of questions about my new blackberry curve
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All your questions will be answered by finding the Profiles icon in your menu. Once you find it and click on it you'll scroll down to reveal "advanced options". Click on that and and be presented with a multiple of profile options. So the screen you see with your profile options we'll use as a reference point. You should see: Normal, Quiet, Loud, Vibrate, Phone Only and Off. One of them will have (Active) next to it...obviously this is your current active profile.


First to fix your phone ringtone problem, make sure the Active profile isn't on Vibrate. If it's not then click on the active profile you want (or create your own if you want to start from scratch), inside the profile you'll find an option for everything can set a sound to; emails, SMS, MMS, BBM, Apps, and your normal phone ringtone. Click on Phone and you'll have two main options: In-Holster and Out of Holster. These settings apply, obviously, if you have a holster with a magnet in it and the phone will sense when it's in/out of the holster. Change 1 or both..whatever you need. But for the first line you want to have it set to "Tone". (Your options here are: Tone, None, Vibrate, Tone+Vibrate) Unfortunately the Tone+Vibrate setting actually don't work for the call ringtone, it will only cause it to vibrate, not ring (this may be your problem). Then adjust the rest of the setttings as needed: Ringtone, Volume, Repeat.


So you can repeat these steps to change the notification type for every sound your Berry can possibly make.


Now, for setting a ringtone for a specific contact, the easiest way to do it is directly from your address book. In your list of contacts scroll to the contact you want to set up, don't click on it, just highlight and hit your menu button. In the menu that pops up, near the bottom of the list it will say "add customer ringtone". Click that and you'll select the ringtone you want to assign. Voila. Repeat as necessary.