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Is it just me or are Blackberry users getting the short end of the stick at Verizon?

For what seems like forever, Verizon was paying attention to, adding, and upgrading Blackberry options. Suddenly, the Android phones are being added to the shopping list and the same old Blackberrys are for sale. Someone told me today that there was a new Blackberry for sale which caused me to soar with excitement considering I've had an upgrade for a couple of months now and love having new phones, plus I was told it was pink which caused me to rush home to check it out. Due to the fact that I love Blackberry Messenger, I've made a conscious decision to stick with Blackberry. Unfortunately, I get home only to find that the new phone is just a curve and although it is definitely the cutest color I've seen since the Strawberry Chocolate, a Curve, really? I currently have a Tour so going back to a Curve would be like trading in my Hummer for a Minivan. :smileysad: Who is on the test panels that are making these decisions and do they need help because I'd be happy to sit in.


So, for those of us who don't want a touch screen phone but who want to stick with Blackberry, what are we to do? I'm on the verge of switching over to AT&T just so I can get my hands on the latest Blackberry because the lack of options are starting to really frustrate me. Can we get a Torch or some other new and improved Blackberry in a cute color like Fuscia for once? Is this really too much to ask? If they get the lateast phones and can also get them in the latest colors, I'd be willing to bet that these phones would sale. I know I could sale them if I were marketing them. Geez.