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Lifespan after OS restore? BlackBerry Curve 8330

After getting the app error 523 screen with increasing frequency, I googled it and learned my operating cystem was likely corrupt. I then called Verizon and was walked through the process of updating my software after wiping my phone (great customer service on that call, by the way!).


My questions is - What kind of lifespan is my device looking at? Ever since the restore, I've had trouble receiving calls - it seems people are getting a sound similar to a busy signal frequently when they call, with no option to leave a voicemail or anything. It doesn't happen with every call, but with a good chuck of them. I'm also able to reply to emails just sometimes - one day I can, the next I can't.


I'm planning on upgrading to a Droid, but I was hoping to wait until around Black Friday on the chance they are one of the sale items, but I'm contemplating going ahead with the upgrade now.


So with this lengthy explanation, can any of you longtime BlackBerry users (this is my first one) give me an idea about how long I can expect this phone to last?



Re: Lifespan after OS restore? BlackBerry Curve 8330
Sr. Member
Sr. Member

Welcome to the boards.

I have an 8330 that works the same as when I got it two years ago. All I've ever had to do is replace the trackball. It's a tough device and I haven't had any of the problems you're experiencing. Luckily, if the software doesn't work quite right, you can wipe and restore, as you did. If yours hasn't been damaged from water or being dropped, it should hopefully make it until Black Friday.

Good luck!

Re: Lifespan after OS restore? BlackBerry Curve 8330


I will tell you there are major problems with the latest Verizon OS for the 8330.  A lot of users went back to the prior OS which was  If you would like a link for the download, send me a private message here in the forums.  I can help you get your Curve going again.