Many hour delay in receiving email on BB 8330 Curve

Personal BB 8330 Curve.  No business email servers outside of VZW and BB.

v4.5.0.138 (platform


Sometime within the last several weeks I started having a problem with not getting emails delivered to my address for long periods of time.  This may or may not have coincided with upgrading to  As of this writing (8:30AM-ish Central) I know I have at least one pending messge waiting for me that was sent sometime yesterday evening around 8:00PM.  I get text messages immediately, but I no longer get emails immediately.  I do not have any other email address associated with this phone.


Note that by "immediately" I mean with 60 or 90 seconds.


However, if I force a "Reconcile Now" I will get any pending messages right away.  After I write this I will be performing that task to pick up the pending message from yesterday.  Sometimes this will also allow me to get new emails to my address immediately for several hours.


I have experimented with changing the Wireless Reconcile setting (Options/Email Reconcillation), but other than having the immediate affect of retrieving pending messages, neither setting has is permanant solution.


The messages sent to this device come from many sources (, and several different work email domains), so it seems pretty clear that the messages are not hanging up on the source sides.


I understand the 15-minute polling for other email addresses configured with the BB, but I am still expeciting emails to be pushed immediately.  Even if not, many hours is not 15 minutes.  Assuming that immediate delivery still a valid assumption, is this a VZW email service or a BB email service issue?


Finding a phone support contact info for either vzw or bb is not the most straight forward thing to do.  If you believe the issue to be one or the other, I'd also appreciate knowing your opinion on the best contact path.




Re: Many hour delay in receiving email on BB 8330 Curve


Spoke with a very nice VZW customer service person two days ago.  She sent me a couple test messages and true to the symptoms described, they did not show up.  I was able to do a Reconcile Now to grab the messages.  She agreed that was not normal behavior.  She pushed my address book out to me again and did a hard reset (battery out).  That seems to have done the trick for now, but I happen to be in a timeframe of getting  more emails to my address than normal.  Once I have a day or so idle time I'll check it again and post a confirmation message on this thread. 


But so far, so good.