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Military Members traveling the world with the Blackberry Storm...

Hello there,


         I am with the US Army and have traveled from South Korea to Germany, however my Blackberry Storm (even though I supposedly have an international plan) refuses to work in either of these locations. If I am paying $150 a month for a service that doesn't work, I might as well not even use Verizon, am I right? I can't even call Verizon because the PHONE WON'T WORK! And I can't use my online access to change the plan or suspend the services because, even though I am the only one on the account, I am not the "owner" or the "responsible paying member" of the account, thus I don't have full access...Anyone have any words of wisdom? Or is my frustration justified? Thanks! :smileyhappy:


US Army Medic!!! HOOAH!