Move contacts and schedule from Treo 700p to Curve

After a 15 relationship with Palm, I am trying out the Blackberry.

The store tried to transfer the contacts and at first it looked like all 1300 contacts had moved.  When I got home and opened some up, I found that only the names, numbers and notes had moved.  All the numbers had not moved and the notes were shortened.


I tied to use the transfer wizard in the manager, but the screen was grayed out to select both the treo or the palm desktop and I couldn't use it.  Both phones are plugged in and the computer recognizes both of them.  (The Treo may be failing, but can still sync with the desktop)


Formerly when I moved from Casio to Palm, then upgraded the Palm, I could just export the data into a tab or comma delineated file, move it around to match the recipient device.  I can't find a way to do this with the BB Manager.


Is there a way to use outlook to move the data?  I can sync the treo to Outlook if needed.  Has anyone been able to solve this?  If I am forced to retype the information, is it possible to use the manager to the contacts and sync it that way.


I am forced to keep the BB since I have a lot of business contacts, the treo 700p is failing and Verizon has no replacement in the foreseeable future.

Re: Move contacts and schedule from Treo 700p to Curve
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I have never personally used the Device Switch Wizard in the Desktop Manager, but when I plug my phone in it is not grayed out.

If you can move it to outlook your blackberry should import it. I dont get why the device switch wizard is failing though.