Need to move on, but to what?

Really getting dissapointed in the Black berry world. Seems like they are machines of the past and although they have the 5 second wow factor, that excitement is forgotten upon your first hourglass symbol or clock whatever icon appears while your phone is "busy" and you start pulling batteries every hour.


This day in age with all the latest and greatest, Blackberry seems trail behind in dust. WHY?

I joke sometimes that its a canadian product, but the hype seems to be true as that of the blonde jokes.


I went from the BB world edition(replaced 2x due to mechanical failure), to the storm 1 (replaced 3x mechanical failure), to the storm 2 (replaced 3x for mechanical failure). I've given up on BB. The problem is, i don't know where to go from here.


So many tech's suggested the droid phones. Apple seems to be a hot ticket but i am not a fan of apple products.

My employee just dumped his BB with an HTC (AT&T).


I am a building contractor and yes the phone takes a beating with dust, occasional moisture and maybe drop here and there.

I am afraid to get the larger touchscreens for this reason, and i dont care for the ruggedized g-zone or whatever that phone is from verizon.