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New to BlackBerry Curve
Hello, I have had my new Curve for ten days now and im not sure if things are going well with it.  One question that I have right now is; What's up with the internet thing that keeps popping up on my computer?  I installed my discs that came with the phone and now everytime i open my lap top this verizon internet thing comes up.  It is very annoying and it is messing me up on how I would like to get on the internet on my computer.  Any body know what I'm talking about? 
Re: New to BlackBerry Curve

It's a little hard to say from your description, but maybe you are referring to Verizon Access Manager?  Or BlackBerry Desktop Manager?  Both can be installed from the cd that came with your Curve. 


You don't need Verizon Access Manager to  charge, sync or backup your Curve to the PC, but you do need Desktop Manager for that. 


Edit.... you would need Verizon Access Manager if you are using your Curve for tethering, that is internet access on a laptop though the BlackBerry.  Otherwise you wouldn't need VZAM.

Message Edited by BBgirl09 on 06-15-2009 09:41 PM
Re: New to BlackBerry Curve
Sr. Member

Agreed!! VZ Access manager is the culprit. Upon installation it defaults itself to start when your computer starts. To remove go to your Start Menu-->Control Panel--->Add/Remove Programs and click to uninstall it.


Get rid of it if you don't need it. It can be a resource hog!