Not recieving Ringtones

I purchased ringtones from Verizon's Media store online & have not recieved them on my phone. I am wondering why this is and if I am still going to be charged if I never recieve them. -- Elise Blake

Re: Not recieving Ringtones
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Skiergirl_07, thanks for posting! Have you received the ringtones yet? The ringtones you receive through My Verizon should come thru as a picture message on the phone. Do you have text or picture messages blocked? Also, if you have more than one line on the account, make sure you are logging in with your own number. If the My Verizon account is registered under the primary number on the account, when you login to My Verizon it will send ringtones to that number. 


If they still haven't come through, I will need to take a look at your account to see if you have been billed and why they haven't come through. Please send me a PM with your name & number.