Official Tour 9630 OS update
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I know this isn't the update most of you wanted, but the Tour 9630 is getting officially updated to today starting at 5pm EST. It will be available through several methods: OTA Update, Web based update and the normal Desktop Manager updates for both PC and MAC.


The update will take anywhere from 45minutes to 2 hours and you will not be able to use your phone while it's installing, so make sure you have ample time to commit to the update.


Here is a change log:


Symptoms Resolved:

  • If you received a voice mail notification, your device might have incorrectly displayed that there were 255 messages beside the voice mail indicator.
  • If you started playing a video from and had the full screen option selected from a previous video, the controls might have remained on the screen and might have been overlapped by the new video image and also might have flashed repeatedly.
  • If you were using your device with a headset and streaming a video using the VCast VOD application, if you disconnected the headset, audio might not have been heard from the device speakers.
  • If you received an incoming call while your device was paired with a headset and you disconnected the headset, the device might have automatically and unexpectedly answered the call.
  • On some occasions some email messages and calendar items might have displayed "Content protection is enabled" in the sender line and you might not have been able to lock your device or switch tasks.
  • If you selected a wireless network from the list that is CS rejected, you might have received more than one popup menu advising you that the connection and network selection were unsuccessful.
  • If you tried to update your device software via OTASL it might have taken longer than expected to complete.
  • The current update warning indicating that the device will be unavailable for a maximum of two hours will be changed to allow for the possibility that an update could take longer than two hours.
  • If you were on a phone call of an unspecified length, the display screen might have become idle and the counter might not have displayed the duration of your call and rather, the duration of a previous call.
  • The Home screen might have appeared completely white and might have returned to the expected display by scrolling the trackball.
  • In some cases, when you tried to take a picture with your device, the camera application might not have opened, even if you closed other open applications as instructed by the dialog box.
  • In some cases, when you tried to play a video on your device, the media player might have displayed as a black screen and the video might not have played. If you returned to the Home screen, the media player might have unexpectedly remained in the foreground.
  • The ringer profile volume might have been inconsistent and might have been at different levels across different profiles.
  • If you had been using GPS navigation and then pressed and held the End key to turn the feature off, your device might have continued to perform GPS searches.
  • If you typed characters in the To: Cc: or Bcc: fields and then backspaced to correct an error, the entire field might have been deleted, rather than the one character.
  • If you composed an email message that had multiple recipients and saved the message as a draft, then removed one of the recipients and saved the message as a draft again, when you opened the draft to send the message, the removed recipient might have remained in the To: field.
  • In some cases, if you created a large number of elements using JavaScript, the device memory might have been exhausted faster than expected and the device might have stopped responding.



I know, I know. It's not the 5.0 update everyone thought was coming. Naturally, some of you will be angered and what not. But save your energy, 5.0 for the Tour should still be coming soon.

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