Ongoing 9630 Tour Issues
Enthusiast - Level 2

Phone #1 - Bought at launch, within the month had issues with the trackball and was sent a "green dot unit" that had the known issue fixed.


Phone #2 - After a while the Track ball began to stick and then suddenly just froze, was given an FRU.


Phone #3 - Shortly after recieving the phone the headphond port died, given another FRU.


Phone #4 - Now this phone has had a reoccurring issue when you press on the Function Keys "SEND, END, Click, MENU, BACK" it type letters.  The first few times a battery pull fixed it but now its stuck and refuses to start working normally.


I am taking it in first thing in the morning but im assuming im going to end up with yet another FRU of the 9630 but Im getting furstrated.  In just over a year im now on my 5th phone.  


What are my chances of getting a different model?  Early Upgrade to buy something else? Anything but get another Tour?