Questions About the Blackberry Tour and Changing to One

I am interested in upgrading my current phone. I currently have a Samsung SCH u740, and I'm on the NATIONWIDE PREMIUM 450 plan. I have VZ Navigator, Mobile Email, and V Cast VPak $0 for MB.


I would like to switch to a Blackberry Tour. I've checked them out at the store and liked the feel.


Here are my questions -


1. If I decline insurance and have a problem, such as with the trackball or audio volume (based on complaints I've read about), would I be able to get it fixed/replaced at no cost or would I have to pay?


2. If I get the BlackBerry® Nationwide Email & Messaging - 450 plan, does that allow for me to use the internet without cost per MB? If not, could someone explain about the whole MB thing more and what the different plans have by way of internet usage. Basically, I want to be able to access the internet in general, my gmail accounts, Facebook, etc. multiple times a day. I would also be using instant messaging a lot. What do I need for this?


3. I read stuff about people complaining that the Tour doesn't have Wi-Fi. When exactly would that be needed? If I use the phone in a Verizon covered area, I don't need Wi-Fi, right?


4. I have ringtones and ringback tones on my current phone - is there any way to transfer them to a new phone? If not, do I have to go through blackberry's website to get tones or can I get them through VW?


5. Does the Tour have an alarm clock function? If so, can the ringer be set to Alarm Only, as my u740 can?


6. I read someone say that there was no way to set the ringer and vibrate to work at the same time. Is this true? Is there an addon or something to allow it?


7. When I was looking through options to upgrade, it listed VZ Navigator as an additional feature that I would have to pay an additional $9.99 for. Is this the only way to get GPS on the Tour? With my plan now, I have the VZ Navigator included.


8. I read someone say that you can't see images/videos that use Flash on the internet with the Tour. Is this true, and if so, is there any add-ons to allow it?


9. Can I use Skype on the Tour?


10. What do I have to do to get Microsoft Word on the Tour? Does it cost extra to get it or use it?


All right, I think that's enough! Lol. I'd really be appreciative if someone out there could help me.


Thank you!