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I have an 8330 curve with v5.0.0.973 on a device. The scroll/select sensor is erractic in some fuctions. It works fine in the home screen to select call history or internet for example, but when I select application (like text messages) it may not scroll at all. If I then depress the alt key it works. Then I can scroll the icons over to text mesasages. When I select internet the curser is in the http://www.... window and will not scroll down, but works to select symbols. I can use the alt key to scroll down to history, but then can't get back up to the http:/ So I thought reloading the OS might help. I have searched extensively on the blackberry site, but I keep getting a white screen with a Forbidden to Access Data message. Great, just what I need, a help page that's no help at all!! Anyone got any insights into wiping this bad boy clean and reloading the v5 OS? 

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Being able to scroll through you phone is definitely important so I can only imagine how frustrating this must be for you. But no worries because I'm here to help!

Has there been any damage to the phone? How long have you had these issues? Many time a soft reset will help. You can do this by simply removing the battery for a minute or two. Reinsert the battery and test to see if you notice a difference.

If this doesn't help you can wipe the phone clean and reset back to manufacturer settings. Visit for steps. Make sure to back up your phone before performing the hard reset.

Keep me post if you continue to experience these challenges after the hard reset.


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