STROM ~ APP 'Memory Leak' ?
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OK I've had the Storm 9530 for about 3 weeks and I have noticed that this thing has some type of memory leak or something causing it to lose Application Memory. I can start from a fresh battery pull and I'll have either 18.3mb or 15.3mb of Application Memory showing, then do nothing more then type out a few MMS messages without opening any other apps and then check the APP. Memory again and it's down to 3.1mb then a an hour later it's 0.0mb. I noticed this after not being able to install an app when it told me I was out of application memory and then watched the memory decline without doing anything memory intensive after another battery pull. I have 836.0mb of Device Memory showing (total 879.2mb) and 6.0mb Media Card Space of (7.3mb total)


I have to pull my battery and reset this thing at least 4 times a day if not more. Is this NORMAL or do I have some type of Memory leak or possibly an app that is sucking this thing dry without using it? I don't have any 3rd party apps on it yet and haven't done much more then browsing, using the calander etc. What the heck could be causing this and does anyone else have this proble?

I need to know if I should bring this back for an new exchange befor emy 30 days is up to prevent any hassels !



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