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Several questions BB Curve

I have several questions:


1.  All my messages are kept in several locations.  Emails are duplicated in the Messages and in my Email Account as are text messages and missed calls.  I would like for emails to go to the email box, messages to go to messages box and missed calls to go somewhere else, possibly call log.  Is this possible?


2.  My husband and I are syncing with Outlook to keep a calendar, however, I don't necessarily want his contact list nor does he want mine.  Is there anyway to separate them?  Also with the tasks? 


3.  What is is when you "ping" someone in the BB messenger?


Thanks in advance for anyone who can answer these questions.  We're new to blackberrys and so far we like them very much.



Re: Several questions BB Curve

#1 - there is currently no way to separate what really goes where, other than email and sms/mms.  The easiest thing you can do is to go into Messages, press the menu> options> general options> sms and email boxes - set to separate.  You'll now get sms/mms in it's own section, and emails in the Messages section.  As far as missed calls, go into phone> menu> options> call logging> select none> menu> save.  Now you'll get an icon for missed calls on the home screen, but you won't get a message about it.  When it comes to the duplicate messages in Email and Messages, the only thing you can do is hide the icon by highlighting it, press menu, choose hide.  What I did was create a new folder called "Emails" and put all my email icons it that folder, then hid the folder.


#2 - no clue. The only way I can think of off the top of my head would be to create 2 different user profiles for windows so when you log into your profile, only your emails show up... and the same for him.


#3 - it's kind of like a buzz in yahoo messenger.  an alert notice, if you will.