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So if I am picking a PDA today...

I currently have the Palm Treo and have been very happy with it, but Verizon only sells and supports the Palm Centro now, and my Palm phone is on it's last leg.  I called Verizon and the rep told me to consider the Curve.  I was curious why she didn't mention the Storm and am grateful that I came on here and read these forum posts.


My question is this:  If you were choosing a Verizon phone at this point in time, would you chose the Storm or the Curve, or a different model... What are the big differences between the Curve and the Storm, other than the obvious touch screen, better camera, and functonality of visual voice mail and facebook and flickr applications...


Or would you all wait, regardless of how long it might be, for the Storm II to come out. 


I can probably limp along for another month or three...


PS:  I really like Michael's post (Earth Under Sky), I am glad he is here to assist  a lot of us.

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Re: So if I am picking a PDA today...

Hello Sun,

First of all, thanks for the kind words as my reasons for posting on this forum is help plus tell the difference between what is truthful and what is just plain....well you can fill in the rest of the thought.


Well, I've haven't took part in a palm device before so that tell you all the experience I have with that. I'm not sure how tech savy they are.

However, I can tell you about a Blackberry. Especially the Storm. What can I say...I addicted to it. I'm very computer literate and that advantage gives me the ability to understand the back engineering of the Storm. I did find many people around the different avenues to help along the way. So on that note if you decided to go with whatever Blackberry, I'm sure you could do the same as I.


On another note...If you decide to wait, I believe it was reported yesterday by many of the media outlets that the Palm Pre was being released by VZW. Again I don't know the ins and outs. I've not heard a release date either.


You can't go wrong IMHO. Take your time and do some research and you should be fine. If you need any help with a BB, please feel free to PM me.


-Good Luck-

Regards, Michael