Storm 2 Multiple Replacements, Obviously Defective, Anyone w/Positive Resolution?

I've had so many problems with my Blackberry Storm 2, all but one of which were due to defective equipment issues.  I am now on my 6th refurbished Storm 2 and it's not working properly either (this time the power button and the green phone call button don't work consistently) but they just want to trade me for another refurbished Storm 2 and, well, around we go again; not to mention that I loose my calendar everytime (the calendar feature is why I got a Blackberry in the first place!). 


When I asked if they would just give me a refurbished anything else, they told me it wasn't a decision they could make; that I would have to talk to Blackberry directly.  I called the Blackberry Customer Service number Verizon gave me and they told me that they have nothing to do with the Blackberry's at Verizon and only Verizon could make that type of decision. 


When I told Verizon what Blackberry said, they told me I was welcome to pick out another model if I used my free upgrade!


I've read other posts here of people having repeat problems with Blackberry's/Storms.  Has anyone been able to get a Storm 2 that was problem free?  If not, has anyone been able to get any other positive resolution?


I just don't feel that I should have to use my free upgrade to replace a faulty piece of equipment!