Storm Contacts


I have posted a message about this problem before, and had no replies.  I'm hoping a BB genius will see it this time.  I have my 3rd BB model, Storm 2 at present, having had major problems with all three.  After only a week the Contacts book has become corrupted, which has resulted in my not being able to pick up a number and call - I just get the long unobtainable tone.  If I pick up a contact and try to text - I get "network out of order", when I know it isn't.  And when I try to email a contact - it just get's bounced back.

I have tried everything I can possibly think of to resolve the problem - battery pulls, re-loading my address book from DM, trying a previous version of DM, deleting all contacts, and manually re-applying them, doing a system restore, thereby losing everything and starting again, all with the same result.

Has anyone a solution to this nightmare please? 

Cav in the U.K.


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