Storm Firmware 5.0...few bugs, how bout you?
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So I upgraded last night to 5.0 and I have to say I didn't think they could make the Storm 1 better, but they have.  I am very happy now with the way this handset is running.  Fast, smooth, no errors as far as I can tell but it is not without bugs for me like some of you and I'm just wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same.


What i've noticed so far.


Phone exits in and out of applications with little if any lag unlike before.

Threaded SMS.

No resets (so far)

No hiccups to speak of.



My fav program QUICKPULL LITE no long works.  <---application is a must for this phone, or at least it used to be, maybe now it's not so necessary.

No known ability yet to clear the log as others have stated

Some funky bugs for me have been with BBM and YAHOO MSNGR where i try to view contact detail from my list and the whole bottom menu wether your pressing add, contact details, find, or whever will only scroll down your list....once you hit the bottom of the list only then can you actually select to add someone or look at contact details.  This happens in landscape or portrait mode.  Once you've already selected to speak with someone and you bring down the keyboard you can select to see their details......


That's about all i've noticed so far....really enjoying the newer speedy OS but it's not enough to stop me from buying #2.If a member answers your question, solves an issue, and/or helps you in any way that becomes all means hook em up with some Kudos!! Or mark the thread solved and give Kudos!!

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