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Storm2 s*cks - DON'T BUY THIS PHONE and Verizon customer careless s*cks too

I have wasted hours with this phone and with this company.  I have had several conversations with Customer Could Careless and have received assurances that they will help me but they just give me a run around.  The dealer I bought this phone from stopped selling it months ago and won't help me except to try to get me to buy a new phone.




In January I spoke with a "Supervisor" in Customer Careless who promised me he would call me back and fix my problems.  


Guess what he never called back...  


I tried to reach him and left messages and he still never called back...


SO I TRIED again...  Call me crazy because that is one of the definitions, Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result...


So I spent another 90 minutes of the phone with a really sweet woman who could do nothing other than apologize and promise me she would make sure everything worked out and that I would be happy.  She promised me that her Supervisor Corey (Wilmington NC call center would call me back that day) 


I even gave her my temporary T-Mobile phone number and my Verizon number ....  so he could definitely reach me on a phone that worked. 


And then I have the same result again.  No call back.


I called Verizon one more time today and got another nice (powerless) Customer Careless person who apologized and could do nothing but ask me to repeat everything I have told a half dozen agents already.  I am sick of repeating myself.  SO I told her to read the notes.  She said there are only two notes that she can read.  The last  one from 5 mins before and a tech note where they finally agreed to send me a new phone.  Nothing about the endless aggravation.


This is the way Verizon keeps its agents in the dark and makes you repeat your story over and over and how nothing gets resolved...  **bleep**?


I am so over with this stupid company.