The Fate of the Storm 3
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Hope you are all doing well.  I ran across an interesting article on one of the "rumor" Blackberry websites.  Here is an article about the rumored Storm 3 and its fate.  According to the article, Verizon Wireless is not going to be getting a Storm 3 device.  Also in the article, some updates for the Tour, Bold, and Curve 2 are coming to include 6.0 software.

I was wondering how you all feel about a Storm 3.  I remember a year ago when the Storm 2 was released.  It created a big argument among Storm owners who thought they should be entitiled to a free upgrade to the Storm 2.  If Verizon has indeed passed on the Storm 3, I agree with that decision.  It would only stir up those owners of Storm and Storm 2 devices.  I think Verizon should hold out for a device similar to the Torch.  There is talk in the forums of people wanting Verizon to have such a device.  A lot of them don't understand the Torch, as it is now, is a GSM device and will not run on CDMA systems like Verizon and Sprint.  I am sure RIM is making a comparible device for CDMA carriers, and I can not wait.  I think it will be a boost to the Verizon Wireless Blackberry lineup. 

I just wanted to see how some of you felt about the Storm 3 cancellation, if indeed it is fact not rumor.  I hope you all are getting nice fall weather like we are here in Mississippi.  It is really feeling like fall and I love it...especially with my camera.  Nice fall foilage pictures.  Have a great weekend.


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