Tour Sync Issues with Outlook 2003 and Error Code 0x8004fceb

Hello, I have a Tour with DM 5.0, which I sync with Outlook 2003 on my laptop running Vista O/S.  I am having a problem deleting items from the Tour that I've previously added via a sync with Outlook. 


Some time after syncing, I delete the items from Outlook and then re-sync.  Instead of deleting from BB, the changes dialog box tells me the items are going to be added from the device to Outlook!!!  If I accept changes so that other calendar items will update (from Outlook to BB), Outlook remains fine, but the items do not delete from BB.


Additionally, existing items on BB are duplicated on the BB during sync.  In other words, I have ended up with 7 entries for one appointment on the BB even though there's only one in Outlook.  This primarily happens with recurring appointments.


Lastly, despite all this confusion, the sync ends with Error Code 0x8004fceb; check documentation, which I cannot locate on


I am set up for two-way sync, future items only.  I even reset to one-way sync from calendar to device to no avail.


Please help.


Thank you.

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