Trackpad on my BB Curve Not Working


My trackpad on my BB Curve stopped working. 


Being the resourceful fellow that I am I searched for this problem via Google.


It instructed me to pop my battery off and make sure a screw was tightened.  This unfortunatly did not work so I think I am going to have to take my phone in to a Verizon store.  Did I just shoot myself in the foot by going in the back of my phone? Can they fix the Trackpad issue without having me buy a new phone (I am of course about 10 months away from my new every two).





Re: Trackpad on my BB Curve Not Working
Verizon Employee

Hi Mazman23,


In reviewing your post, I appreciate how you looked up a way to resolve the issue. To remove the battery on your BlackBerry Curve 8530 was okay to do in order to see if it helped resolve the matter. I am sending you a private message to assist you further to see what options are available to resolve the issue. However, if you already had the trackball issue addressed , you may disregard the private message.