Using BlackBerry as pager

Due to deteriorating service, my company replaced my pager on another company's network with a BlackBerry Curve 9370 on the VZW network.  The device is on a business account, not my personal account, so I don't see the bill.  My company has set it up so that I can't make phone calls with it except for 911 calls.  The device is great for corporate email and messaging, and for alerts sent by our computers.  But one thing I can't do with it, that I could do with the pager, is to call a number from a landline phone and punch in a call-back number that will appear on the device.  It would be an advantage to my co-workers if I could do this.

Currently, if I try to call the BlackBerry I get a recorded message stating that I have reached a number that doesn't have voice mail set up yet.  I don't know whether setting up voice mail will allow the above type of page, and I don't want people to leave voice mail since I won't be able to retrieve it using the BlackBerry.  Can I set this kind of thing up?

Please don't tell me to contact the communications department of my company, since I'm sure they don't know.  Otherwise, thanks for your help.