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VZAccess Manager doesn't recognize BB 9330 Curve



I just got a BlackBerry 9330 Curve and downloaded the correct VZAccess Manager software for Windows 7.  When I try to tether the phone as a modem, Access Manager identifies it as a BlackBerry 8530 instead of a 9330 and won't connect to it.  I never had this problem with the previous version of Access Manager when using my old 8330 Curve.


Anyone else having this problem?  Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance.

Re: VZAccess Manager doesn't recognize BB 9330 Curve

Same problem, except from within Windows XP.


VZAM keeps asking for the BB password, it gets entered correctly (as it doesn't count down), then it will cycle between "configuring device" and "device not inserted".  Then the process starts back over (ask for password, etc etc).

Re: VZAccess Manager doesn't recognize BB 9330 Curve

I'm also having a hard time on Curve 9330 teathering on my ThinkPad x200. VZ Access Manager recognizes the Gobi internal modem and when I plug in the 9330 Curve with USB it attempts but does not fully recognize the BB device.


I get 'Password Needed' box, and enter the correctd PIN, it says initalizing, then displays the 9330 as the device but then says "Device not available" and it will not allow me to click on the Connect button. I also have a personal BB Bold 9650 that I have configured and synched with BB Desktop Manager (have never teathered it) but that shouldn't have anything to do with VZAccess Manager correct?


I do have the device working properly on a Dell laptop (company laptop), and it does have a BES managed IT policy on it.


Any ideas?