When should we expect the official release of a Storm OS upgrade?

When I upgraded to my BlackBerry Storm, I was very pleased with it, except for the intermittent lag and frequent random reboots. Because of the rebooting issue, I upgraded to the beta OS, which was better in many ways, but it still sometimes reboots itself, then half the time it won't make it all the way into the OS before at least partially freezing up. "Memory Card Inserted" will pop up on the screen, and the only way to fix the issue is to do a hard reset by removing the battery for more than 20 seconds. Also, I've had problems with the screen locking and unlocking. I've tried everything to speed it up, including QuickPull and changing around some of the settings to free up as much memory as possible, along with closing all applications I am not currently using.


Anyway, my point is, the device has been out for a while now, so when can we expect a substantial OS update from Verizon or RIM? Hopefully one that fixes the existing problems, without creating new ones of its own. I'm mainly just tired of repeatedly spending 10 or 15 minutes just to get my Storm to function normally again. Will there even be a substantial update before the Storm 2 is released?


If it makes any difference, I am currently using v4.7.0.85 (Platform If there is a more recent version out there, please let me know. Thanks!