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blackberry 8330

My phone rings only once and goes straight to do I stop that, I want like 4/5 rings and then I want to answer the phone if I want to.   Please help

Re: blackberry 8330
Sr. Member

The time between connecting a call, and getting a voicemail is pre-determined by Verizon for all phones. I can't remember how many seconds it is, but it is preset.


Most likely you just don't have great service, or the people calling you hang up. Because there's no way to shorten or lengthen the number of rings.

Re: blackberry 8330
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I can certainly assist you! Has this issue just recently started? How many signal bars is your phone showing? I would suggest first trying a soft reset by pulling out your battery for about 30 seconds then putting it back in. Also, make sure a setting called Do Not Disturb is not checked. Go to Profiles>Advanced>press the Menu button>Choose Edit>Phone>Make sure Do Not Disturb is set to No. This can cause calls to go straight to voicemail. If you are still having this issue, we will need to do further troubleshooting on your account. Please send me a PM with your name and number and I can further assist you.